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Our Mission

Northnode's mission is to develop and deliver effective assistance to individuals struggling to be safe and healthy in their communities. A significant part of our work is focused on people whose safety and well-being are jeopardized by illness or incapacity and on the adult and child survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

  • We provide advocacy for people who need quality health and human services in order to be safe, and we provide counsel and advice to familites of incapacitated adults.
  • We develop and deliver training and education, including training for trainers, for front-line human service providers.
  • We provide technical assistance and support to community-based human service agencies/organizations and to the government agencies that oversee health and human services.

The transformative power of service guides Northnode's work. Our front line experience in the world of public service and our progressive approaches to human service management are integrated with systems of thought, spiritual traditions, and forms of expression that link the universal desire for connection to the path of service.

We work with the ethical teachings of Buddhism that invite us, through the principle of wise livelihood, to examine the ways we earn our living. We use the mandala—Sanskrit word for circle—as a symbol of the interdependence of all beings. We draw on the language of astrology, in which the north node of the moon attunes us to our life purpose, suggesting new strategies for personal and professional growth.

We apply these and similar approaches in all our work, whether we are helping individuals obtain quality and caring human services, partnering with institutions in the development and evaluation of innovations in human services, training direct service providers in best-practice approaches to human services, or helping people discover renewed energy in their chosen fields and work places.

Northnode is happy to be sharing office space with like-minded colleagues who offer valuable health and wellness services to the community.

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Northnode, Inc. is SOMWBA certified (W/NPO).
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